Holy Stone HS370 Review: Affordable Mini Camera Drone for Beginners

Holy Stone HS370 Mini Camera Drone Review

If you are looking for a high-quality mini drone to start your journey. Look no further because we are introducing the Holy Stone HS370 mini drone. This is among one of the latest quadcopter released by Holy Stone, an extremely popular brand that has been selling drones such as HS150 Bolt Bee and HS700D Ophelia. We decided to assemble an in-depth review about HS370 Mini Drone to help shoppers like you make an informed decision.

The purpose of our Holy Stone HS370 mini drone review is to analyze the features, flight performance as well features and design that it incorporates. Through sifting the customer reviews and reading the reviews. We are thrilled to share our in-depth review of Holy Stone HS370 mini drone. Stick with us to find out more about why you should buy this adorable mini-sized quadcopter. Especially for beginners and kids.


Key Features

  • Maximum Flight Time: 12 Minutes
  • Remote Control Distance: 100 Meters
  • Built-in 720P HD Camera
  • Return to Home
  • Altitude Hold
  • Headless Mode
  • 3D Flips Mode

Inside The Box

  • Holy Stone HS370 Mini Camera Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • Two Batteries
  • USB Charger
  • Propeller Set
  • Propeller Guards
  • User Manual

Design and Build

On the first impression, I liked how this mini drone features in two colors: Red and Black. The combination of colors creates a nice and compelling stark contrast that makes it quite appealing to look at. Especially when you are flying and its color makes it easier to see in the clear blue sky. Furthermore, the quality of material that is used to crafted this drone is made of durable ABS plastic that solidifies its framework.

Holy Stone HS370 Mini Drone

One of the design feature that I liked the most about the Holy Stone HS370 mini drone is the fact that it comes with propeller guards. This is a must-have addon design feature that will benefit both beginner and experienced remote pilots. The propeller guards acts as protective layer that keeps the drone safe from collisions. In addition to that, each motor arms are outfitted with LED lights that provides visual assistance.

Located at the front is where the 720P HD camera is. You can easily stream the footage captured by the drone’s camera directly to your mobile device mounted on a remote controller. Overall, the design framework and quality of Holy Stone HS370 mini drone is good. Clearly, this quadcopter is built and designed for beginners and recreational remote pilots who wants a great quality drone to start with.

Flight Performance

When it comes to flight performance, having a drone that is easy to pilot and control is absolutely must-have for all remote pilots. Over the time, the drones have became easier and easier to fly, especially these toy-grade drones. Fortunately, Holy Stone crafted the HS370 mini drone with beginners in mind by simplifying the remote controller functions and adding features that enhances the quadcopter’s flight performance.

Holy Stone HS370 Mini Drone Flight Performance

Most notable for these flight performance feature enhancements are the integrated 6-axis gyroscope that improves stability and precise flight controls. In addition to that, this quadcopter also features altitude hold function that helps balance the quadcopter, ensuring a smooth flight experience for beginners and skilled remote pilots alike.

Like every other drones, the Holy Stone HS370 mini drone have built-in speed mode that will definitely help you learn and master the basics of flight controls. By default, the drone will be at the slowest speed setting. Once you understand the basics of flight controls, you can adjust the speed mode to experience the drone’s true force. Majority of the features are focused at making it easy enough for beginners to fly the HS370 mini drone which earns huge points from us.

Camera Quality

If you are vying to become an aerial photographer and want to have your hands on popular prosumer drones such as DJI Mavic 2 Pro / Mavic 2 Zoom or Phantom 4 Pro. Perhaps it is a smart idea to practice aerial photography first on an affordable quadcopter such as the Holy Stone HS370 mini drone. In this section, we are going to talk about the quality of camera that HS370 mini drone brings to the table.

Holy Stone HS370 Mini Drone Review

First of all, this drone features a built-in 720P HD camera that can stream video to your mobile device in real-time. In addition to that, it does a good job at capturing stills that you can share with your family and friends. Although, there is one minor disadvantage about the fixed cameras is that they will tilt along with the drone. Unlike some quadcopters such as HS700D Ophelia and Potensic D85 that have built-in 1-axis gimbal stabilizer for smoother footage.

While the quality of camera that HS370 mini drone has to offer for beginners is average at its best. It certainly isn’t something that you can start a video career — but this quadcopter will definitely teach you the art of aerial perspective. Once you have the basics of aerial photography covered, you can apply your existing skill onto more advanced and expensive camera drones.

Remote Controller

In the next part of Holy Stone HS370 mini drone review, we are going to talk about the remote controller that comes with this quadcopter. On our first impression, the remote controller comes in jet black coating that makes it appealing. In addition to that, the remote controller features simplified buttons that makes it straightforward and easy enough for beginners who have never flown a drone before to learn how to fly one.

Holy Stone HS370 Mini Drone Remote Controller

We liked the design appearance of the remote controller. It does appear to look almost like a gaming pad, which is definitely cool. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in mount holder that lets you insert your mobile device onto it. Therefore, you can easily view your smartphone in real-time and fly the drone while in FPV mode. Most importantly, the handling of this remote controller is easy to hold and comfortable enough.

Final Verdict of Holy Stone HS370 Mini Drone Review

As we wrap up the Holy Stone HS370 mini drone review, we have several final remarks to share with you. Overall, we think this is a quirky and one of the best looking quadcopter. It utilizes colors wisely that makes it quite appealing and popular among beginners. In addition to that, it boasts an impressive flight performance up to 12 minutes per  battery. Not to forget to mention that inside the box, it comes with a bonus flight battery which doubles the total flight time up to 24 minutes.

Beginners and remote pilots who are looking to buy this quadcopter will also enjoy a remote control distance up to 100 meters. Plus, the drone’s strong performance makes it quite easy enough to fly even for first time users. Out of all the drones we have researched and reviewed. We think the Holy Stone HS370 mini drone is one of the best quadcopter that makes it quite popular.

Its total flight time and remote control distance is quite hard to beat. In fact, it competes with already established drones such as the SS41 Beetle and Eachine E511. If you are looking for an affordable and high-performing drone, this is the best choice. You can buy Holy Stone HS370 mini drone here. Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts about this drone by commenting in the comment section below. Happy flying and fly smart!

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